How does a typical Adjuvant work?

     •    Reduces the surface tension of water droplet, therefore spreading it for a greater coverage area over                       the leaf increasing penetration.         

     •    Not waterproof, gets washed away, and does not stick to the plant. Simply expands coverage area. 


                            NANO Adjuvant:

  Not Your Typical Adjuvant. It brings in many revolutionary features:

     •    Works at the nano meter scale which is a billion times smaller than a meter. Its tiny size allows the

           nano-particles to efficiently penetrate the wax on the plant allowing for full growth.

     •    Non-Ionic, 100% Non-Toxic, Bio-Based, Biodegradable, Non-Caustic, Hypoallergenic, Tearless.

     •    Decontaminates Soil, Kills Fungus (Aspergillus Niger: 99.999% “Bad Fungus”), and Controls Bugs.

     •    Runoff wastewater continues to decontaminate drains, sewers, and waterways.

     •    Rain resistant because of our non-ionic micelle structure which produces super surface-active

          amphiphilic molecules (can mix with  both oil and water). They have a water-attractive (hydrophilic) head                and an oil-attractive (hydrophobic) tail.

Bioneat*Ag’s NANO Adjuvant allows plant nutrients to be absorbed to their full potential by up to 100% for any plant at a nano meter spectrum. This is significantly smaller than any other adjuvant out there. This allows the NANO Adjuvant to penetrate more efficiently, with greater coverage and sticking ability. This leads to rapid delivery of nutrients to the plant at a significantly higher percentage either at the root level or through foliar application. Mix with any fertilizer or nutrient you use to enhance crop yields up to 100%.

Eliminate the need for harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides by mixing the adjuvant with your current product to increase efficiency by up to 50% significantly reducing usage over the course of the harvest. Keep your costs low and increase your yield profits. Most importantly keep your soil clean for longevity and plants safe.

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Bioneat*Ag - Adjuvant

Bioneat*Ag - Plant Shield

Why Choose                      ?

At Bioneat*Ag we believe that strong healthy high-yield crops can be grown without using harmful chemicals. That is why we have introduced our own nature friendly bio-based Plant Shield that is made from all natural plant oils. These structured plant oils are extremely effective in controlling a wide variety of insects. The extracts are non-persistent, biodegradable and decomposing rapidly in the environment. Plant Shield is the only bug control that is pesticide-free and 100% non-toxic while killing pests on contact with no resistance to Bioneat's formula. 

We believe that by using a nature friendly product to eliminate pests that we can help protect our environment by avoiding saturating our soils with hazardous chemicals found in today’s pesticides and provide safe residue-free produce.

Plant Shield does an excellent job at eliminating crop pests and keeping plants toxin free allowing for higher yields and fresh produce. Its's superior mechanical action makes it an ideal product for pest elimination.


*biobased: As certified by the USDA bio-preferred program

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*biobased: As certified by the USDA bio-preferred program